Terms and Conditions


[expand title=”1.1 Our terms and their application”]

These terms of use apply at PrivateWriting.us and any user who visits and. These terms together with other various documents make use of the site. Please, we urge you to read these terms very carefully as they portray various important factors and information pertaining to your obligations and rights when using the PrivateWriting.us website.[/expand]

We place more emphasis at clause 8 (use of the site suspension and termination of use), clause 9 (products use), clause 10 (plagiarism) and clause 13 (liability disclaimer). We urge you to print these terms or store them in a softcopy in a computer for .use in the future.

1.2 Terms of Use

These terms of use also include:

a)  The Privacy Policy

a)  The About Us section;

b)  Our Revision Policy.


These terms of use and the documents referred to from a – c above are commonly referred to as the terms. It is very necessary to read and understand the terms of use before starting to use the site, submitting an order or making any payment.


1.3 Consequences of using our site

The terms are amended from time to time to facilitate access and usage of the site including submitting an order or payments for any products after agreeing to legally bound by these terms. If you don’t abide by these terms of use, please don’t visit the site.


1.4 How are changes made to these Terms?

We usually amend and make any necessary modifications to the terms of use from time to time for security legal or regulatory reasons. Any changes made to these terms will be posted on the site, and we normally recommend all our clients to constantly visit our site to note any adjustments made.


2. About Us

The company that provides the site is registered under England laws and wales with company number. Any reference to “you” or “your” in the terms means that you are a guest or a registered user of the site.


3. About our Site and Its Use

How the site operates is described on the website page at about us page. Services provided by our company are listed down on the website. Our company staff can make any adjustments depending on our specifications; we may add or delete certain elements where we do feel it’s necessary to the interest of our customers.

For any transaction to be conducted over the site e.g., ordering and paying up an order, one must enter a contract depending on the jurisdiction you residing.


4. Placing an Order and Registration

i). The first thing you need is to place and preview an order pertaining to any service by submitting the standardized online order document.

ii). The order will point out the scope and other requirements of work you have regarding the original essay and or any other written paper.

iii). You will be requested to register with the site for you to place or preview an order regarding a product with the following information:

a) Information about your requirements e.g. type of service you require, details of the subject, style, citation among many others.

b) Personal information e.g. name, email, contacts, age, sex, residence, etc.


5. Privacy, Use and Security of Personal Data

Refer to our Privacy Policy for details on how we gather and make use of personal information of our customers.
6. Account Information and Security

a). During registration process, you will provide you name, email address and select a password (either the email or the name will be your username for the Site).

b). Secure your account information and do not disclose it or share it with anyone.

c). You are held liable for any orders and activities associated with your account. You may change the password anytime you suspect that someone has your password. This is done by clicking on Edit account and changes the password or contacts us for help.

d). If we suspect that the account is no longer secure, we cease to provide the option to change your password. The company will then send a notification to the email provided during registration process.

e). If you happen to forget your password, you can always click on reset password option so long as you satisfy our security check.


7. Payments and Discounts

a). An offer to purchase our product comes along when you place an order on the site. However, the product will be delivered after authorization of your payment

b). The calculated service fee for the product is payable in advance as shown in the pricing section of the Site. This therefore means that we only provide the product after a down payment of the service fee.

c). For more information about our bonus and discount programs, kindly refer to our FAQs.

8. Use of Our Services, Suspension and Termination

a). You may contact the site specifically for own personal and non-commercial use.

b). You are allowed not to use any part of the site for illegal purposes. To be precise, you may not use the Site for the following purposes:

i). Publishing any insulting, irritating, unauthorized, obnoxious, harmful, threatening, obscene, distasteful material or breaching any law;

ii). Handing out materials that encourage criminal offenses or breaches any regulations, law or code(s) of practice;

iii). Meddling with the Site and thus interfering with people’s use of Site or

iv). Distributing or loading some electronic copies secured by copyright without the owner’s consent.

c). In case of a breach of any provided Terms, you are held liable for any damages and cost related to your breach.

d). You are accountable for compliance with local laws if you choose to access the site outside the United Kingdom.

e). If a breach any of the Terms, from you occurs, we choose to terminate your use of the Site.

f). Additionally, we suspend your access to the Site and conduct and investigation if we suspect your using of the Site affect the lawful operation. The same happens if your using affects our clients.


9. Use of  Our Products

Whenever, you submit an order or pay for a product, you acknowledge that:

a). The product purchased is for non-commercial and personal use only

b). You use a correct citation for any ideas and information from any Product

c). The products provided are for reference, samples, and illustrations or for learning how to write a paper in the right way possible and in a precise citation style(for instance, APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, Turabian amongst others).

d). All materials and products are provided by freelance writers who hand over ownership and all rights to the partners, associates and the company itself.

e). We receive payments for time and efforts that go in hand with organizing, gathering, editing, posting and delivering reference materials, administration, maintenance, advertisement of this site for educational purposes.

f). Besides copies provided for non-commercial and personal use, no client is allowed to modify, display, transmit, distribute, reproduce, create derivative work or abuse any content or product of this site without a written consent from the company.

g). After the research/reference of the material is made, you shall termite the product and no copies shall be made for trade or distributed without any proper citation.



Once the customer places an order at PrivateWriting.us, it is assumed that he/she acknowledges the following:

a). That PrivateWriting.us has the right to cancel any contract, agreement or arrangement with people who disregards or attempts to state that any product is their original work. You will as well acknowledge that any Product provided by the company will not be distributed to third parties or any other method of payment or any additional purpose. The company may cease to carry out your work or provide any service to you if in case we suspect that you are trading the products or violates the terms, or you plagiarized the materials.

b). No product should contain your name as the products and materials provided by us are for research and reference purposes only. We do not tolerate, encourage or take part in plagiarism, dishonesty or academic fraud. We always abide by all copyright laws, and we will not permit any client to commit plagiarism or infringe the copyright laws. In addition, you come in agreement that that the written material and product provided is a sample or example documentation for research. PrivateWriting.us delivers custom written samples for research purposes ONLY.

Therefore, that information cannot be used as a substitute for any of your own writing. Hence, used as model paper where you refer as you draft your own research appropriately. You can as well take motivation for your own thinking. Our research may be customer’s original writing if well cited or paraphrased. However, you must check the precise definition of plagiarism provided by your university. Otherwise, you might not use our entire part of the research.

c). The associates, company or partners are not accountable for any unsuitable, unethical, illegal or wrongful use of written materials or products received from the Site. The consequences may include, lawsuits, academic probation, plagiarism, expulsion, suspension, poor grading, failure, loss of prizes/titles/position/scholarships and any other disciplinary actions. Therefore, the buyers of these products from the site are held liable for disciplinary actions associated with illegal and unethical use of such products.


11. Refunds and Order Cancellation

a). All Products come with no warranties, express and are non-refundable unless we are in breach of our terms and obligations.

b). We have a cancelation and refund policy set in our FAQ and Guarantees sections and therefore once an order is placed cancellation and refund are subject to this policy.

c). The company does not grant any refund once an Order has been placed unless otherwise stated in these Terms.


12. Intellectual Property Rights (“IPRs”)
12.1 IPRs in the Products

a). Our talented freelance writers draft and deliver the Products.

b). Associates / our partners and we retain the full copyright of any products or other resources delivered to you.

c). A non-exclusive license is granted to clients after payments of the products. However, this applies to products ordered for non-commercial and personal use only.

d). No one is allowed to publish, amend, transmit, distribute, create derivative works display or exploit contents and resources of this site without written consent.

e). You are Liable for any losses we may suffer because of your using unauthorized products or resources accessible from this Site.


12.2 IPRs in any materials that you supply to us

Any materials provided to us by you must not encroach on the intellectual property or any other person, other rights or even infringe any applicable laws. If they happen to, you will be answerable for any damages that may incur as a result.


12.3 IPRs in the Site

a). In any part of the Site, we own or license all intellectual property rights.

b). The intellectual property rights on the site are not intended to, and it will not be deemed to, allocated to any individual who contacts the Site.

c). As explicitly permitted by these Terms, you are not permitted to publicize, copy or download any resources or materials of the Site.

12.4 References Used Feature

You will be given a sample of articles or ebooks but not in full. This is because the citation provided for referencing purposes only. Moreover, there is a service fee for delivery and collection of links to sources. It is from these links that the material is available in its entirety for viewing or purchasing.


13. Disclaimer of Liability

a). The site presented is currently as it is, and we do not promise that the site may meet your requirements or expectations. You might not access the site or use some or all the services provided if your computer does not support the appropriate technology such as encryption.

b). The site is retrieved from the World Wide Web that is independent of us. Your access via World Wide Web is at your own risk. You are therefore subjected to all national and international laws and regulations. We do not assure that the site is suitable or accessible for use in any other jurisdiction other than the United Kingdom.

c). The site may have hyperlinks to resources and websites from third parties. These resources and websites from third parties have their own terms and privacy policies, and you are advised to review them. We are not answerable for your use of the services offered by these third parties it is always at your own risk. We, therefore, advise you to counter check the website’s privacy policy before providing any personal information to them.

d). We are never liable for any loss or damage that may arise because of modification of our site.

e). We are not accountable to any person or you, whether in connection with the services and products including but limited to;

i). Hardware or software, network, phone, electronic, email, internet, computer errors, failures or complications of any kind;

ii). Incomplete, garbled, failed or delayed email transmissions and delayed computer;

iii). Any condition triggered by proceedings beyond the control of the company that may perhaps cause the services or product to be disrupted, corrupted or delayed;

iv). Damages or losses, injuries associated or as a result of utilizing the services; or

v). any typographical or printing errors in any product(s)

f). we will not be accountable to you or any other person for your incapability or failure to use the Site or for any other reason including;

g). any troubles associated with events further than our reasonable control; or

h). any unpredictable losses or damages.

i). These are terms are not intended to exclude or limit any liability for death arising from false misrepresentation, negligence or any liability that might be prohibited by law or limited, or anticipated to offend your statutory rights as a client


14. Miscellaneous

a). Under these Terms, you are allowed not to transfer any of your rights to any person. On the other hand, under these Terms we may transfer our rights to any other business leaving your rights unaffected.

b). We may choose to ignore if you breach these terms. However, we are still eligible to rely on our remedies and rights later or in any other circumstances whenever you breach these terms.


15. Notices

a). Unless stated otherwise, all notices presented to us from you should be in writing and directly sent to our contact address named Contact Us page on the site.

b). The entire notices from us to you will either be:

i). Exhibited on the site now and then;

ii). Exhibited on your specific order page or;

iii). Mailed to the address provided during your registration information.


16. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

a). These terms are governed by the laws of the United States of America and therefore you and we submit to the English jurisdiction courts.

b). If in case you contact services outside the locality of United States of America, you are liable for complying with the local laws. However, the local laws differ, and you will be liable to the extent at which they apply.