Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

The statement below explains how personal information collected from our clients or presented by our customers is processed by us whenever they do visit our website (site) owned and being operated by PrivateWriting Inc. Our site is a US based online writing services company and we take every necessary action to ensure that we conform to the laws in the United States of America that governs protection of information and data.


2. The Information we may collect from you as you browse our website

This may typically include;

a) The client’s name, phone number, email address and local address

c) Details regarding the orders you placed, their specifications and whether they order has been fulfilled.

d) Details about your visit to our website including the day and the particular time of visit.

e) Your IP address that is collected automatically by our web server.

f) Correspondence records like contacts to request information, reporting a problem, or providing feedback to our customers.


3. How we use your information

We don’t share, sell or rent any information regarding you unless it’s an anonymous aggregate one with a third party. We only make use of information you provided as follows:

a) To provide the services you wish to use.

b) For market research, keeping internal records and accounting purposes.

c) Improving the existing content on our website.

d) For query, correspondence, complaints and requests for any further information

e) For customization of the site content and page layout.

f) For sending you notifications regarding various important functionality changes and any alterations on our site including those in terms of use and privacy policy and also make sure you are promptly provided with the necessary required information regarding our services.


We can also use your personal information or permit other selected third parties to use it, so that they will eventually provide you with the necessary information pertaining goods/ services that may be deemed to be of relevance to which they may contact you by post or phone call. If you are an existing client, we will only contact you via email with information regarding goods and services available that are similar to those sold to you previously. If you are a new client, we do permit third parties to make use of your data and contact you via email if you feel comfortable with it. If you are not comfortable with the above pertaining third parties use of your information, we advise you to tick the relevant box in the form that we use when collecting your data. If you happen to change your mind in the future and feel like you are okay with third parties using your personal data, you can advise on the same by emailing us at [email protected]

Except as stated above and in paragraph 4, we will not distribute, share or sell your information to other third parties without your knowledge and permission unless permitted by the law for compliance purposes in good faith for investigating fraud, protection of your rights and safety or responding to a request made by the government.


4. User Access and Choice

If you are not interested in our service or you wish to change your personal information, you may amend, update, correct, delete or deactivate it by contacting our agents by phone or email as provided on our website. We normally retain our clients’ information as long as his or her account is active or for service delivery purposes. We will also use your information making sure that we do comply with existing legal obligations and enforcing our agreements.


5. Storage of data and security

We will also ensure that your information is properly secured, and it is in accordance with the privacy policy. It is great to note that we not liable/ responsible to any information presented directly to our staff including the: topic, number of pages ordered, deadline, uploaded files and the necessarily provided instructions. This information may be made available to some of our freelance writers hence proving a headache for the company to control and guarantee its future distribution to unauthorized recipients or third parties. To ensure security of your information, we store it on our secure servers and encrypt it using the modernized SSL technology. We normally provide our clients with passwords that enable them to access our site and access various parts of our site. Security starts with you, as you entitled to ensure that the password provided remains very confidential to ensure that no any other person have any knowledge concerning it, as some people may be having malicious intent and may maliciously delete or amend your account without your knowledge.

In our part, we have adopted globally acceptable measures to ensure information being submitted to us via our website or stored on our servers is highly protected. In case you have any queries to do with security of your personal information on our website, please do contact us via [email protected] and our staff agents will assist you promptly.


6. Transfer to third parties

We prioritize the privacy of our customers hence any information presented to us is not shared to third parties or the public in general. If anything suspicious occurs pertaining your personal information, we will notify you via email or at our web site account page.


7. Internet makes use of 256 bit encryption to secure any transaction on its website as well as any information stored on its servers. We ensure that our transmissions are encrypted to maintain a high degree of security. This can be verified by checking the status of green padlock in front of our website’s URL. We take no responsibility pertaining to any form of information loss or disclosure of information that is not within our control.


8. Social Media Widgets

At, we have included various modules aimed to improve the structure and layout such as social media like Facebook page button, various widgets like share button and interactive programs running on our site. They are aimed at improving your experience on our site and in some cases they may collect your IP address, the page you visiting our site and also setting cookies on your browsers to enable proper functioning of the cookie. Other third parties can host these widgets on need basis. The interaction for you to have these kinds of features is normally governed and controlled by the privacy policy of


9. Blogs

One of the advantages of our website is that we offer easily accessible blogs to the public. We wish to inform our clients that the information you share with us will be shared on our site making other people have access to it to either read or for any other use. If you are not comfortable with this and you seek removal of your personal information from our website blog, please contact us at [email protected] and we will consider your request and we will inform you whether we can manage to remove or not since it’s not always possible to do so and if this is the case we will layout the reasons for our failure.


10. Disclosures Prohibited

Any information acquired from employees or employers pursuant to these articles shall not be accessible by the public or be used in any court for any proceedings pending unless the party in the proceedings is one of our legal representatives or as required by any other law provisions.


11. Changes to Privacy Policy & Future developments

Since nothing is constant in this technological world, we continually improve our the website from time to time as we move from old technology to the new ones in the market and in the process end up changing our privacy policy and therefore we recommend you to be accessing our site day by day so that be up-to-date with any changes that might be made.