Writing a Creative Poem

Writing a Creative Poem

For this demonstration, you will write an American haiku. These instructions are similar to those that Ruscio and his colleagues (1998) supplied to the participants in their study, as follows:

An American haiku is a five-line poem. As you can see from the sample poem below, the first line simply contains a noun, in this case the noun ocean. The second line has two adjectives describing the noun. The third line features three verbs related to the noun. The fourth line is a phrase of any length, which is related to the noun. Notice that the last line simply repeats the first line.


Wavy, foamy

Roll, tumble, crash

All captured in this shell at my ear.


Your task is to write a similar American haiku, featuring the noun summer.

Take 5 minutes to write this poem.

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  Figure 7.18 shows a liquid-level system in which two tanks have cross-sectional areas A1 and A2, respectively. The volume flow rate into tank 1 is qi. A pump is connected to the bottom….

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