write a direct purchase order, and then send it to the approved vendor.

Rubicon Corporation is a multinational rubber product manufacturer headquartered in Germany. As of today, cooperation has 120 production facilities in 18 countries and is one of the largest manufacturers of tires in the world. With the maturity of its supply chain, each production facility consists of procurement department which handles purchase requests from other divisions or departments in the facility. Usually, the employees in other departments becomes the customers of the procurement department once they initiate a purchase request. Thus, the customer can initiate and cancel purchase requests and also can validate the order once delivered. A procurement officer within the procurement department receives that purchase request and monitors the process until it is ordered and received. The procurement officer can do a direct purchase or call for bids based on the purchase limit.

• For a purchasing request under $1,500, procurement officer can write a direct purchase order, and then send it to the approved vendor.

• A purchase requests over $1,500 must first be sent out for a bid from the vendors that supplies the product. When the bids return, one bid can be selected. Then, the procurement officer writes a purchase order and sends it to the approved vendor.

For completion of a successful procurement, vendor needs to deliver the product, customer needs to validate the delivery and procurement officer need to process payme

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