Would you get your data retrospectively or prospectively, and why?

1. Look back at the research question and the variables that you defined in Assignment #1. Now, think about what kind of a study you would design to answer the question with the variables defined. For example: Would it be an experiment, a quasi- experiment or a non- experimental design, and why? A response of 4 sentences is a maximum
2. Would you get your data retrospectively or prospectively, and why? A response of 3 sentences is maximum.

3. List some threats to validity of your study (internal or external) or credibility, confirmability threats if a qualitative design. A response of 12 bulleted threats is maximum. You may not be able to come up with 12, that is fine.

4. Now go back and think of ways to control for some of these threats with your design. You may not be able to control for all, that is fine as well, these would need to be listed in limitations of a proposed study design, we will discuss in final assignment.
Note: This is the historical reference for experimental design and threats to validity. This is considered the key to all later work on these topics. Refer to the rubric and the worked example for more information about the threats. They are listed there
Campbell, D. T. and Stanleny, J. C. (1963): Experimental and Quasi-Experimental Design for Research. You can access this reference in the Supplemental Reading included in this Unit.

5. What type of an instrument would you use to get your data (an instrument can be a survey or a scale or simply an interview or observing someone’s behavior and recording it)? How would you know if it is a valid and reliable instrument to use? A maximum of 4 sentences here. Validity and reliability are two separate concepts. Please address BOTH for your instruments. A maximum of 4 sentences here…………………………………

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