With the assistance of his academic advisor and career services at his college, Anwar developed a resume.

With the assistance of his academic advisor and career services at his college, Anwar developed a resume. He sought feedback on his resume from several people, including his internship field supervisor and his internship faculty supervisor. After revising his resume several times, he felt confident that it presented an excellent picture of his experiences and the specific skills that he could bring to an employer. Through frequently checking with career services at his college, examining online job postings, and reviewing newspaper classified ads, he was conscientious in pursuing active openings in the field. Rather than send his resume out as a mass mailing to all of the organizations he was interested in, Anwar tried to make a personal contact at the organization, first either through a telephone call or a scheduled appointment. If there were no open positions, Anwar asked if the program director would be willing to meet with him for a few minutes so he could learn more about the organization. He developed a specific cover letter tailored to each organization to accompany his resume when he sent it out. He kept a log of all of his mailings and followed up a few days later with a phone call to ensure that his materials had been received. Following each formal interview or exploratory conversation, he followed up with a letter of interest and thanks. Anwar realized that a successful job search generally takes months, so he began his search well before graduation and worked on maintaining realistic expectations. He did not expect overnight success and was usually able to maintain his energy and optimism as the search progressed.

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