What would be the firm capacity of the plant with pondage?

1.A hydro plant gets a regulated supply of 20 m3/s. The effective head of the plant is 15 m and the overall efficiency of the turbine−generator set is 0.75. If the plant is to work for eight hours per day and six days a week as a peaking plant, calculate the (a) required pondage and (b) pondage factor. What would be the firm capacity of the plant with pondage?


2. A run-of-river plant on a river works 6 days a week, 24 hours a day. The effective head is 16 m and the overall plant efficiency is 0.82. In a typical week, the flow in the river is as follows.

Estimate (a) the total pondage required to even out the flow fluctuation and to

get the maximum output from the plant, and (b) weekly energy output from

the plant. [Ans: (a) 2.909 Mm3 (b) E = 41.36 MWh]

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Explain why attenuation is not a big problem in PET.

Consider a 2-D object consisting of two triangle compartments, as shown in Figure P9.4. Suppose a solution containing a 511 KeV gamma ray emitting radionuclide with concentration f = 0.5….

Give the mean and the variance of the reconstructed image, mean[ˆ f(x, y)] and var[ˆ f(x, y)].

Ignoring the inverse square law and attenuation, an approximate reconstruction for SPECT imaging is given by where c˜() =  {||W()} and W() is a rectangular windowing filter that cuts off at = 0…..

Find the numerical responses in each to an event in crystal C(4, 6).

Suppose a PET detector comprises four square PMTs (arranged as a 2 by 2 matrix) and a single BGO crystal with slits made in such a way that it is….