What should the court decide? Why?

An employee was fired after thirty-two years on the job, after working his way up to become a vice president at the company. The employee did not have an express contract of employment. The employee had consistently received bonuses and promotions and was never disciplined or warned that his performance was lacking. The employee had been told by the former company president that “if you are loyal to the company and do a good job, your future is secure.” Over the years, the company had a practice of not terminating administrative employees without cause. His termination came after he returned from a business trip and was told by a new company president that his services were no longer needed. When he pressed for further elaboration, he was told to “look deep within” himself to find the answer. The employee believed that he had been terminated at the behest of union officials, who wanted him fired because he had objected to certain potentially illegal arrangements between the company and union. What should the court decide? Why?

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Sketch the load characteristics, terminal voltage/load current, of the following types of DC generator

1. (a) Sketch the load characteristics, terminal voltage/load current, of the following types of DC generator: (i) series-connected, (ii) shunt-connected and (iii) compound-connected.   (b) State one purpose for which….

what happens if the resistance in series with the shunt field of a DC motor is increased in value

1. Sparking at the trailing edges of the brushes in a DC machine is usually prevented by fitting   (a) copper gauze brushes (b) a compensating winding (c) a compound….

Calculate the synchronous speed of a 10-pole three-phase machine connected to a 50 Hz supply.

1. The generator characteristic shown in Figure 9.28 is for a   (a) shunt machine (b) series machine (c) differentially compounded machine (d) cumulatively compounded machine 2.The speed of a….