What should the court decide?

An employee was hired as general manager of a new assisted-living facility. For several months, she received positive feedback on her progress. At a meeting, two supervisors inquired about her child-rearing plans. She admitted that she planned to have children and was fired two weeks later. She was replaced by a 60-year-old woman. Her supervisor’s manual included a policy on progressive discipline that was generally adhered to. However, she also received and signed a disclaimer that stated in part: “I understand that [neither] the policies and procedures of the facility, nor the Handbook . . . are intended to constitute a contractual agreement. …I understand that my employment is ‘at will.’ …” What should the court decide? Why?

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What does a star–delta starter used with an induction motor do

1. Atwo-pole 60 Hz induction motor has a slip of2%on full load. The full-load   speed is (a) 58.8 r/s (b) 3528 r/min (c) 60 r/s (d) 2880 r/min 2.The….

Which of the following intensities is greatest across the sound beam?

1.Ultrasound has a small potential to produce a biological effect because:   a. it is a form of energy b. of the frequency range employed c. contrast agents introduce bubbles….

What would you have been thinking to yourself during the periods of silence?

Using Silence in Counseling The following exchange between Carol and her counselor illustrates how important silence can be in a crisis. Carol is an adult female who presented to counseling….