What role do political ideologies play in your interviewees’ opinions about political leaders?

Reflective Research Report (1,500 words)

You are to design and conduct a small research project and to conduct interviews with family, friends, and/or colleagues on their attitudes towards contemporary political leaders in Australia and internationally. You are to aim for at least 5 (five) interviewees. Drawing on the findings from the interviews, students are to address the following questions in their report:

1. To what extent did the interviewees’ opinions align with the academic literature on political leadership?

2. What makes a good leader according to your interviewees? Why?

3. To what extent were your interviewees optimistic about contemporary political leadership? Why or why not?

4. What role do political ideologies play in your interviewees’ opinions about political leaders?

5. According to your interviewees, how important is political leadership?

6. What lessons have you as an individual researcher learnt from this activity?

Please try not to read too much into this assignment. The only writing you need to do is to answer the questions and provide the relevant in-text citations and a reference list. Use the questions as headings. You do not need to provide transcripts, you do not need to provide the questions you used to interview your interviews, you do not need ethics approval. Specifically:

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