What policies does the company utilize to benefit HR and strategy?

Company : Tesla Motors Analyze Tesla Motors for its efforts in marrying HR and strategy. Charts and figures may be included in support of the written content. Remember corporate websites are incredibly helpful to identify information about Human Resource practices.


3.5 Page Minimum

APA Style

3rd Person

In Text Citations

Reference List

Include the following:

  1. What policies does the company utilize to benefit HR and strategy?
  2. How does the employment relationship between employer and employee benefit from strong organizational culture and strategy?
  3. Provide an example of how the company promotes employee contributions. Discuss how employee involvement supports the overall corporate strategy.
  4. What makes your chosen company appealing to work for? Why do employees choose the company?
  5. Identify and include support for how your chosen company utilizes one of the following to match organizational strategy with HR management: a) linking mission, vision, and values to HR management, OR b) the three Cs – capabilities, composition, and culture, OR c) succession planning. Your paper need only include a review of one of the three options listed (a, b, or c).
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