What kind of data is necessary to evaluate a problem of this nature

1.The chief nursing officer of a large community hospital within a large health care system, Dr. Maryann Arthur was reviewing various quarterly reports from the health care system’s administration. One report in particular gained her attention. She noticed that the degree of incident reports had been steadily rising in the acute care nursing units and that patient falls had increased. She immediately called for a data analysis of this problem. She sought information about who was involved, where these falls were occurring, what time of day and the season in which these incidents were occurring, and what other trends were apparent from the incidents. After reviewing the data, a plan was put in place to reduce the number of falls, by identifying those at risk for a fall, providing a fall reduction educational program for the staff, and creating a protocol for early treatment for any incident. Following the implementation of the plan, there were fewer patient falls, and the injuries were less severe.

• What kind of data is necessary to evaluate a problem of this nature?

• Where would this data come from?

• Are solutions available via electronic means?

• Is informatics a more efficient and accurate way of determining problems than just discussing presumed problems with supervisors or other leaders in the organization?

• Defend your position.

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