what is the larger debate that is being addressed by this book?

The Critical Review Paper will be on William Easterly’s book The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and the Forgotten Rights of the Poor.

Length: 8-10 pages

Contents: the book review MUST HAVE 3 PARTS:

  • Part 1: Summary of the research question and of the argument, and theoretical framework of the book
  • Part 2: Internal critical evaluation of the book:
    • type of evidence used, quality of the evidence
    • case selection
    • how well does the evidence support the argument?
    • strengths of the book and glaring weaknesses, how to improve it
  • Part 3: A discussion of the contribution of the book to the larger debates on Globalization (citing some of the readings of the class):
    • what is the larger debate that is being addressed by this book?
    • what is its main contribution?
    • what are alternative views? With whom does the author agree and disagree?
    • what is your personal view on the better side of the debate?
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