What general approach was used to develop the program theory:

Think about a program theory exercise in which you have participated or with which you are familiar and identify:

a. The sources of information that were used and what other sources of

information could have been used to develop the program theory.

b. What general approach was used to develop the program theory:

articulating stakeholder mental models, deductive approaches, or

inductive approaches, and what other approaches might have been


c. How the program theory might have looked different with the addition of other sources of information or other methods of developing

the program theory.

d. Challenges that arose in developing the program theory and how

those challenges were addressed. What other approaches could have

been taken to address those challenges?

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You are at a restaurant eating lunch with a friend. After the meal, your friend realizes they left their wallet at home. Your friend gives you a piece of silver….

Given the above information, how many people did McKinsey and BCG hire in the year 2013?

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write a program that reads a file and displays all of the words in it that are misspelled.

A spell checker can be a helpful tool for people who struggle to spell words correctly. In this exercise, you will write a program that reads a file and displays….