what does it take for a counselor to be able to ethically and effectively counsel diverse clients.

In video role play 6, Multicultural Issues: Seeking More From Life, the client (Lucia) is presenting her struggle, which can be understood only to the extent that the counselor (Janice) understands her client’s cultural values. In this case, Lucia is struggling with a decision of what she wants to do with her life. Her parents would like her to stay at home and take care of her children. She asks Janice how she might be able to help her. The counselor lets Lucia know that the most important thing is that she is at peace with whatever decision she makes. This situation can be role-played in class or a small group and can then be used as a springboard for discussion of what it takes for a counselor to be able to ethically and effectively counsel diverse clients.

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set up and solve a case-study example of the light-intensity distribution in a photochemical reactor.

Photochemical reactor modeling: a case-study problem. Although radiation is important in heat transfer, an analogous model can be used in the design of photochemical reactors. The modeling of these reactors….

Write a critique on this technique of secondary-emission measurement.

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set up a mass transfer model and evaluate the variation of the local mass transfer coefficient at various locations in the plate.

Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) on an inclined susceptor: a case-study problem. An important application of convective mass transfer theory is in CVD processes employed to coat surfaces with thin films….