What are some examples of how a SOA would improve patient care?


What are some examples of how a SOA would improve patient care?


SOA is popularly known as Service Oriented Architecture, it becomes very popular across the globe now days and many organizations are currently moving into this IT Framework, as it provides several different types of software implementations across the organization. With the help of SOA we can improve our current manual or already automation system more and make it better for the understanding of our current business with the clients.

As healthcare is the necessary need for the people across the globe, it will be a very strict responsibility of healthcare service providers to update their software to provide the best ever medical care to their patients. It will definitely help patients, doctors, organization and its staff to maintain a direct interaction with each and can provide easily with couple of services which are not possible without it.

Technology is getting advance day by day and it can provide you with best medical attention which would be effective as well. If we continue the combination of IT and Healthcare, it will have bigger impact on the global Healthcare services, which will definitely improve the services and provide best patient care.

When we are talking about integrating the best IT Support with Healthcare services, we can leverage the best benefit but it will still be very restrictive and can’t benefit the client in many other ways. But then SOA is there to help and sort out these problems for us.

Service Oriented Architecture Benefits:

  1. Central repository for data and processing the client feedback.

2.     An existing interface can be implemented in some other new healthcare service provided, instead of drawing a completely     new healthcare system, so we can say we can either reuse a complete software package or can use its sub package

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