what are expected food patterns at 1 year and 18 months of age?

Recall the family introduced in the chapter opener. Yvonne is a 9-month-old infant who is active and healthy. Her mother, Colleen, has brought her to the Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program clinic, and they are accompanled by Margarita, the grandmother. Colleen feels unprepared to make decisions about what Yvonne shoud be eating at this age. Yvonne breastfeeds twice daily since Colleen works, but Colleen wonders if she should continue. The nurse praises Colleen for continuing with these two feedings daily since that ensures the benefits of breastfeeding such as immune protection against some illnesses, and it fosters mother-infant bonding. She reas- sures Colleen that it is beneficial for her to pump her breasts and suggests that the pumped milk be refrigerated and fed to Yvonne by bottle in the middle of the following day.



1. What fine motor skills would you expect to see in Yvonne at this age that will enable her to perform more self-feeding skills?



2 During the visit, the nurse takes a blood sample for hematocrit. What is the expected level at this age? What factors put infants in the second half of their first year of life at risk for iron deficiency anemia? What teaching can you do to promote intake of Iron ? Yvonne has a bottle of regular milk in the middle of the day. How could this contribute to anemia? What is recommended for her intake at this age! How Can you best support Colleen to encourage her continued breastfeeding of Yvonne?

3. Margarita prepares most of Yvonnes meals during the day and speaks Spanish. How will you prepare teaching for this grandmother so that she can beneit from the teaching that the clinic has designed for parents of infants? How can you make that teaching culturally sensitive?

4. As Colleen looks forward to the next few months, what in formation will she need to provide nutrition  intake for Yvonne? what are expected food patterns at 1 year and 18 months of age?

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