What advice should you give the attorney?

You have been hired as an expert witness in the future by an attorney representing the driver of a spacecraft. The driver is accused of exceeding the galactic speed limit of 0.700c relative to the Earth while being chased by a galactic police spacecraft. The driver claims he is innocent, that his speed was well below that limit. You have been provided with the following data: the police spacecraft was traveling at 0.600c while chasing the driver and a technician on the police spacecraft measured the suspected spacecraft as traveling at 0.300c relative to the police spacecraft. What advice should you give the attorney?

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determine an approximate value for the average magnitude of the magnetic field in which the electron resides.

You have a new summer job with NASA and are working on astronomical observations using electromagnetic radiation that is not in the visible range. Your supervisor has explained 21­cm radiation….

What advice do you give the attorney?

You are hired as an expert witness by the attorney representing a doctor. The doctor is being sued by a patient who claimed radiation damage from the doctor’s x-ray machine…..

determine the percentage of the total molar specific heat that is attributed to free electrons in gold.

The Dulong–Petit law states that the molar specific heat of solids is 3R at higher temperatures, where R is the gas constant. For metals, this law is obeyed at room….