Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism

Dear Writer,
Hello again my preferred As you know and as we’ve talked before,I have a case study this week that was question 2 and replaced by another question and this case is to be done in 5-7 pages (Very Important: 6 pages NOT including the references page).
To remind you, the course name is: Weapons Mass Destructive.
The required textbook that might be considered is: Howard, R., & Forest, J. (2012). Weapons of Mass Destruction and Terrorism (2nd ed.). McGraw-Hill Education.

You’ve already done two orders for this course including the weekly questions for week 1 in order no. 81360339 and week 2 in order no. 81366546 .
The question of this case study has a direct relationship with the order you did in for week 2 in order no. 81366546 and the topic of this case study is:
Prepare a briefing of a case study that involved specific biologic pathogens. It should include details on the adversary tactic, emergency services response, and lessons learned associated with the response.
I can give you a week, 7 days from now, to be done in 6 pages (not including the references page) with using of at least 8 references.
I put an urgency of 7 days because I want to give you more time because I need you in the week3 questions for both courses as well after you finish the current week 2 together.
I want to confirm that there will be a special reward for you if you work with me week by week until week 12 for both courses and their weekly requirements (I promise!).
Best regards!

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