Visual Cultures Industries

Visual Cultures Industries

Case Study

Class presentation and written component

1,500 words (not including footnotes and bibliography)




This exercise requires you to select ONE of the following:

• An individual artist


• An entity or organization that exhibits a cultural product (for example: a museum, gallery, cinema or festival)


• An entity or organization that produces or commissions a cultural product (for example: a theatre or dance company, film or TV production company)


• A business involved in the marketing and sale of a cultural product (for example: film distribution company, commercial art dealer, or auction house)


There is scope to adapt this project to fit your own interests and/or experience;

International students are encouraged to choose examples drawn from their home countries so that the class is able to engage with examples drawn from places other than Australia.


Once you have selected your case study, undertake a detailed analysis of how your selected entity approaches technology and new media and how that affects the cultural product that your entity produces, exhibits or distributes.


The following are some suggested questions you might like to ask as you undertake your research (not all of these will be relevant to every case – they are just intended as some ‘prompts’ to direct your thinking):


• If your chosen entity has been in existence for some time, how has it evolved to make use of new technologies?  How successfully has it synthesized these changes?

• How effective is the use of new technology?

• How does the use of multimedia affect the audience’s experience?

• If you were put in charge of managing your chosen entity, what changes would you make, if any?

• Where do you think your entity will be in years to come? 

 To prevent duplication in class presentations, students must record their chosen case study on LMS before commencing research to ensure the organization they have chosen has not been selected by another student. 


Before deciding on an entity, please ensure that one of your peers has not already selected that entity.


The written paper should be researched, footnoted and accompanied by a bibliography. You may adopt any bibliographic style you choose, provided you remain consistent within the paper


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