Verify the name of the TFTP server using the show hosts command.

1. A network engineer is upgrading the Cisco IOS image on a 2900 series ISR. What command could the engineer use to verify the total amount of flash memory as well as how much flash memory is currently available?


A. show boot memory

B. show flash0:

C. show interfaces

D. show startup-config

E. show version

2. Which two conditions should the network administrator verify before attempting to upgrade a Cisco IOS image using a TFTP server? (Choose two.)

A. Verify connectivity between the router and TFTP server using the ping command.

B. Verify that the checksum for the image is valid using the show version command.

C. Verify that the TFTP server is running using the tftpdnld command.

D. Verify the name of the TFTP server using the show hosts command.

E. Verify that there is enough flash memory for the new Cisco IOS image using the show flash command.

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