use the Logisim simulator version 2.7.1 to create your circuits.

1. Individual Assessment This is an individual assignment. All work submitted must be your own work. As per the warning given in the first lecture, be careful not to use the work of others as your own nor have others use your work as their own. 2. Software Requirement In this assignment, you will be using the Logisim circuit drawing software to create a circuit for the problem specified in this task sheet. You must use the Logisim simulator version 2.7.1 to create your circuits. Assignments submitted using other programs will NOT BE ABLE TO BE MARKED due to incompatible file formats. 3. Submission Instructions You will be required to submit two files electronically using the Learning@Griffith “Assessment 2: Assignment” submission point. The files will be • A digital logic simulator circuit (created using the Logisim software) • A written report (PDF format only) Filenames for both your files must be prefixed with your student number, an underscore character, first name, an underscore character, last name, underscore character and then the name of the file. PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT ZIP (or other) ARCHIVES as they may not be able to be marked. Eg. Your Logisim file would be named: s123456_FirstName_LastName_Logic_Circuit.circ Your written report file would be named: s123456_FirstName_LastName_Report.pdf Files with filenames that does not adhere to this requirement may NOT be marked or may attract a mark penalty.

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