UPS Store

UPS Store

The UPS Store grew out of United Parcel’s acquisition of Mail Boxes Etc. This acquisition happened in 2001. Mail Boxes Etc. providing copying services, a place for individuals to pick up their mail , and mailing services with firms such as UPS.This acquisition by UPS was intended to give the package delivery firm a retail connection. Thereafter, UPS allied itself with office Depot and Staples to provide shipping services in their stores. As a part of enhancing its services UPS has been consistently adding on-line tracking and other possible services.

The goal of developing these connections has been to create a seemless integration of technology that makes it easier for consumers to choose UPS. Thus, there was not a separate technology strategy, but instead, technology was a key part of what enabled the strategy.


Podmolik,M.E. 2004.UPS promotes commerce, supply chain capabilities. B to B,89 (12):18-20

TMA Questions

Answer the following questions, using an essay format, with reference to the above case study. You need to draw and use the theoretical concepts, techniques, principles and models which you have learned in B121: The Manager’s Good Study Guide and external resources like e-library resources.

Question 1. (200 words, 20 marks)

Identify the advantages and challenges of working with others in a technology mediated environment, with reference to the UPS store.

Question 2. (400 words, 40 marks)

Use your e-library search to find three articles that discusses techniques for group work. By integrating the ideas derived from the articles, write an essay on “Techniques for Group work”.

Question 3. (400 words, 40 marks)

3. Choose the organization you are working with or the one you are familiar with, and find the uses and experiences of Peer relationship as a strategy for learning at work, by interviewing at least five employees.

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