Transportation Congestion and Trans

Literature Review – This week you will expand your week 3 assignment by adding more sources and evaluation of each source to develop a literature review.

1.Collect, organize, analyze, and critique 15 + peer-reviewed research articles that are related to a topic area and problem statement.

2.Write an introduction to your topic and the overall problem you are addressing.

3.Write a literature review. 4.Conclude your literature review with a summary of the gaps in the Literature and how this aligns with your research area of interest.

Your writing should follow the standards established in the course and in-text and end-of-text references should follow APA style manual format.


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Description of the industry: SKIM MILK-

Discussion of the supply chain of your industry. Divide this discussion into sections that deal with the different players in the supply chain. Have headings for these sections. Changes anticipated….

an essay elaborating on the key operation, logistics and supply chain management issues faced by the operations and supply chain manager(s) in this particular organisation / business.

1. Knowledge outcome – You will be able to develop your  understandings of operations, logistics and SCM in organisations and how these contribute to organisational success 2. Intellectual /transferable skills….

Aircrafts are one of the centuries old and the most popular vessels used in air transport. Other vessels such as hot air balloons also contribute to air transportation with their usage limited to tourism.

Air transportation refers to the conveyance of people, mail and other material from one geographical area to another by using but not limited to aircraft. Aircrafts or airplanes operate majorly….