theories of financial accounting

Advanced Financial Accounting

Assignment This assignment requires students to critically evaluate the theories of financial accounting. It gives the students the opportunity to demonstrate their level of understanding of the conceptual background to accounting practice and regulation.

Question 1: There are essentially two views regarding the regulation of accounting information: the ‘free-market’ perspective and the ‘pro-regulation’ perspective. Discuss each of these viewpoints, providing at least three points of argument for each standpoint.( I just need you write free market perspective,do not need pro-regulation’ perspective,i finished the definition of ‘free-market’ perspective and private economy-based incentives,i need u write the other 2 point for me :market for mangers , market for corporate takeovers or market for lemon. for the three point , u can choose any two of point what i give u .thanks a lot )

Marking criteria Marks will be allocated to: 

Clear and concise discussion of the key points 

Relevance to the topic and evidence of wide reading/research    Presentation – format, spelling, vocabulary, readability  Appropriate referencing, including in-text referencing and a reference list


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