The thinker JS Adams in Motevation feild

introduction: 150 words including the statement of purpose about the thinker JS Adams in Motevation feild. The introduction section of the assignment defines the general topic, telling the reader the limits of the discussion. You are to sammurise the theorist central contributions and suggest how their work might assist businesses today in achieving their objective of an orgenisation. An introduction has the following:
1- A little background information about the theory
2- The Purpose Statement that tells the reader what is going to be discussed.
3- In your own words tell the reader the scope, aim(s) and limits of the disscussion no facts or figures, examples or illustrations should be used in the introduction -the management contribution of the “thinker” should be referred to but not discussed.

Summary: 150-200 words, in the first sentence of the summary you mention the name of the theorist, and his/her contribution to management. (What is the managemet topic/function you believe assists Managers today?)

Discussion: plan the discussion with at least three headings (the main points of the theory) here you organise your material into headings (main points to be discussed are a part of the structure) and sub-heafings as it presents, discusses and analyses factual, objective informantion and evidence. Here you use the examples, illustrations and evidence to form an argument for your position you are stating your management function, etc. can assist a manager, the situation or the corporation.

The main part of the discussion: the main focus of the discussion is to show your understanding of the part of your management ‘thinker’s contribution has benefitted or is bensfitting businesses today, is related to other management thinkers/theorists and what your thinker’s essintial theoretical contribution is/has been. As a minor focus, you may also wish to show how your thinker has more generally affected the organisation/situation/individual to improve how they operate and can achieve their goals. Here you can spaculate with your own ideas of the situation.

Conclusion: 100 words & references
It tells the reader what your position is and how your ‘Management Thinker’ has assisted businesses ‘to do their business’ better…….

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