Gender based violence, especially violence against women has been and is still a huge social problem across the world. In Canada, violence against women is considered a serious crime. Over the last decade, overall crime in Canada has declined significantly. This paper will seek to determine whether gender based violence has been declining commensurate with other crimes and will link the decline in gender based violence based on social economic status (Senn et al., 2014; 135: Johnson & Myrna, 2011).

According to Guruge (2012), violence against women has been declining as a result of empowerment of women, increasing social equality and financial freedom among women. This is in addition, to numerous efforts by rights group, more coordinated efforts by the public, increased training for police and attorneys and the creation of domestic violence legislation. However, the decline can be associated on increasing independence on women which coupled with awareness helps them leave abuse relationships and not necessarily on changing mentality. This implies that women in lower social-economic classes may still be facing abuse especially if they are dependent on their spouses financially (Rennison et al., 2012; 34).

To assess this, this research will examine the prevalence of violence against women across different social-economic classes. Hence, this research study will explore available literature on the prevalence of the crime across social strata, the distribution of the decline in the crime over the last two decades. The prevalence of the crime and the trend in the decline will help evaluate whether social inequality in Canada has a significant influence on the rates of crimes especially violence against women.

Thesis statement

Violence against women in Canada is significantly influenced by the social-economic status of the women, with middle and high income earning women experiencing significantly less incidences of violence compared to low income earners.


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