Interview a parent or guardian about their child’s home literacy using the ORIM model as a guide to your conversation. Use the ORIM template to record (in point form) the parent’s responses, and then attach this as an Appendix to the end of the assignment. Synthesize and analyze this information and then use it to design an early childhood environment that nurtures this child’s literacy development. The environment should include both the physical activities / experiences you will set up specifically with the child in mind, but also the type/s of interactions that you would like staff members to engage in when with the child. You will need to explain and justify your choices by reference to the related literature and the parent interview data. The environment you design could be inside or outside.



Environmental Print

Books (reading)


Oral Language









                                                                 The ORIM MODEL


Please fill up the ORIM template with my made up interview (you can add more or edit if it doesn’t fulfill the requirement to the model).  




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