The Lived Experienced of Non-Adherent Jamaican Men in Broward County to Prostate Cancer Screening

Research Topic: The Lived Experienced of Non-Adherent Jamaican Men in Broward County to Prostate Cancer Screening
The purpose of the NVivo Interview/Analysis Project is to:
1. Promote your interviewing skills. 2. Help you refine your research question. 3. Formulate inclusion and exclusion criteria, and a demographics survey for your interview participants. 4. Formulate a grand tour question and follow up interview questions. 5. Introduce the use of a CAQDAS program (NVivo) to input, organize, and code qualitative data; introduce the use of NVivo to input and organize participants’ demographic data. 6. Begin to analyze and compare qualitative, textual data through memoing in NVivo. 7. Begin to use journaling as a reflective, descriptive, or bracketing technique in NVivo. 8. Help you create an initial audit trail in qualitative data collection and analysis that supports the rigor and enhances the trustworthiness of your study.
Guidelines Overview:
Faculty will advise students how to access and download the NVivo software program at a free (a 30-day trial offer from the vendor). Students may download a WINDOWS or MAC version of the software. (However, upon submission of the project, they will need to identify which version they used so that the faculty member can open the student’s project).

This assignment offers the opportunity to collect and begin to code and analyze qualitative data related to a concept or phenomenon. The interviews may be completed at your convenience. The two interviews are: 1) a 1:1 interview, and 2) a focus group interview. Inclusion and exclusion criteria for qualifying your interview participants (in both interviews), grand tour and follow-up questions, and a participant demographic sheet will be developed and implemented. Assigning attributes, coding, memoing, and journaling will be carried out in this assignment and documented in your NVivo project.

Each interview should last between 45 minutes and one hour and you should request to audiotape each interview. You may interview classmates for the 1:1 interview if they have had experiences similar to the participants you will seek for a qualitative research study (i.e. if they meet your inclusion criteria). The focus group interview must include at least three participants (they may also be classmates if they meet your inclusion criteria). Complete a typed, VERBATIM transcript of the 1:1 interview. Please give yourself ample time for transcription. A fast typist, listening to a high quality recording can take 6-8 hours to transcribe a one-hour, 1:1 interview. On average, a 1-hour transcribed interview will generate 7-15 pages of single-spaced text.

An imported Reaction Paper document on the focus group interview. The Reaction Paper should not exceed two, double-spaced pages and must include
 One sentence each about: (a) the environment; (b) how the participant was chosen, and (c) the length of the interview.
 Comment on how your participant responded to your purpose and to your grand tour question and follow up questions.
 Discuss your biases going into this interview.
(See Number 11 on the following page again for this required item)
 Comment on any surprises, tentative ideas or themes, and if you felt you gained any insight on the selected concept/phenomenon as a result of this interview.

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