The impact of training on the development of alignment between corporate strategy and human resources strategy

1. Analytical Case Study Report
Case study based on Legal Environment of HRM
Length: 1800 to 2000 words
Assignment Requirements
Font: Calibri; Font Size: 12; Spacing: 1.0
The essay must demonstrate at least:
• Knowledge and application of relevant theory
• Critical thinking and research
• Logical structure/flow
• Referencing (Harvard Style)
o Minimum 8 peer reviewed journals in addition to citation from world
wide web, HRM Textbooks and other relevant sources (Postgraduate)
o Wikipedia as a reference will not be accepted.
Each student must attach Top Assignment Cover Sheet of Top Education Institute and
submit via TurnItIn.
Students are able to use an essay or a report style format.
Submission method options
Students are required to submit a soft copy for Turnitin for this assignment.
Assignment Task
This assignment requires you to identify an organization reported on in the literature or
in the public domain and report on its use of training and development. The case study
should highlight how training and development has impacted or is impacting on the 9
organisation’s alignment of corporate strategy and human resources strategy. The
theoretical model underpinning this case study is the positive correlation that has been
reported in the literature between training and development (T&D) on the one hand,
and the ability to implement corporate strategies on the other. The link between
corporate strategy and T&D is the “Human Resources Strategy”. Your research needs to
identify whether such as link exists and, if so, how T&D can positively impact the
implementation of the corporate strategy. To do this, you will need to undertake
research into the topic and use references to justify your response for the company you
have selected……….

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