The effects of staffing levels and overtime on project metrics

Degree- Programme and Project management

 Dissertation topic- The effects of staffing levels and overtime on project metrics

Please be an expert in the VENSIM PLE  (free) software! This dissertation depends on it.

Research objectives:

  • To analyze the impact of staffing levels on project metrics
  • Identify the effectiveness of overtime on project completion and costs

 Research methodology: Vensim PLE is used for carrying out research on existing model of project dynamics.


Note: Brooks law talks states how adding manpower to a project in the latter stages delays the project further. Vensim model shows how hiring after 80 percent is avoided; willingness to change workforce lookup variable needs to be looked at.


Literature review:

  • Brooks law on staffing levels
  • Staffing levels and project delay
  • Overtime and its impact on projects
  • Overtime causes fatigue and this delays the project
  • Rework cycle
  • Explanation of the model used in vensim and what happened in the project(1 page would be enough)


*Critique of each chapter in the literature review


*Examples of organizations or projects


* Whatever relevant literature you find regarding this topic must be added in the literature chapter. Literature section should not exceed 10-12 pages.


Results, analysis and Discussion chapter:


Three scenarios need to be created keeping the research objectives in mind . Simulations need to run based on the existing model and a new model does not have to be created. Simulations take hardly a minute so basically three scenarios means three simulations to be run. Maximum workforce is an exogenous variable and can be changed for each scenario.


Whatever you change make sure you change that in each scenario. Willingness to change workforce lookup, overtime lookup, eff fatigue productivity lookup and eff fatigue  quality lookup are important variables. The results and analysis section should be done together. Discussion section should be done separately but all of this is one whole chapter i.e chapter 4 of dissertation. I used screenshots of the graphs and pasted them.


Discussion: The results of the simulation and the literature need to be linked so that the research objectives can be answered. Use of examples would be a good idea in the discussion.


Conclusion: Research objectives need to be answered and a one page conclusion would be enough.


Recommendations: Half a page would be enough to recommend what could be done which would improve the results gained etc.


Recommendations for future research: Half a page would be fine.


I have attached the work I have done so far to give you an idea of how the work needs to be done but I want you to do it better than I did because you could come up with scenarios which make more sense and the discussion is an integral part of this thesis and needs to be written in a comprehensive manner.


P.S model explanation can be written in a better way and can be brief.

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