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The Extended Project is an independent research project on a topic of your choice, which should be academically suitable, i.e. related to your degree specialism or pathway, and approved by your Class Teacher.

There are five tasks in the Extended Project. Three tasks are formative (i.e. tasks for which you won’t get a grade but will receive feedback from the teacher), and two tasks are summative (i.e. tasks for which you will receive a grade).

All five tasks are part of the Extended Project and required. You will be working on the Extended Project throughout this module, which is delivered across two terms, as follows:


Term: Assessment Part & Information: Weighting: Due:
1 Formative Task 1: Extended Project Proposal

·         In this task you will choose an appropriate topic for your Extended Project and identify questions you want to investigate.

·         You will produce a plan of your project work leading up to producing the written project report.

(You will receive a separate worksheet for this task)

0% Week 5
Formative Task 2: Peer-reviewed Revised Proposal

·         This task will help you revise your Research Proposal based on the feedback you have received.

·         You must bring your revised and improved proposal to class, where you will give and receive constructive peer-feedback.

0% Week 8
Summative Task 3: Project Presentation (5 minutes)

·         In this task you will give a five-minute presentation on your final revised project topic.

·         You will provide background information, a rationale, and the research aims of your chosen topic.



40% Slides submission:

Week 11

In-class presentation: Week 12

2 Formative Task 4: First Draft of Project Introduction & Report Outline

·         You will submit a draft of the Project Introduction (approx. 300-350 words), where you provide the background, rationale and research aims of your chosen topic. This task builds on your Term 1 assignments.

0% Week 2
Summative Task 5: Written Project

·         In this task, you will write a 3000-word report. The purpose of this report is to investigate the topic you have chosen for the Extended Project through secondary research and analysis of information from a variety of sources.  In your report you should:

·         Appropriately cover the topic of the Extended Project.

·         Address the question(s) you set out to investigate, by researching, analysing and using information from relevant sources.

·         Represent the complexities of the project topic.

·         Analyse project outcomes and draw conclusions about your Extended Project.

·         Include a complete list of references used in producing the Project Report.





Structure for Task 5 Extended Project Written Report:

You must choose a structure for your report which will best suit your Extended Project topic and the question(s) you are investigating.

As a minimum you should include the following:

  1. Abstract / Summary (max 150 words)
  2. Introduction (400 words)
  3. Exploration of Sources through Description of key Issues/Discussion/Development/Analysis (please note: this part of your report should have more than one section. The way you structure this should be decided by you, with support from your tutor. Your structure will depend on the topic you have chosen and the ‘story you want to tell’ Secondary Research Review (2250 words)
  4. Conclusion (250 words)
  5. Reference list (not included in word count)
  6. Appendices (e.g. any data sets you have used – not included in word count)

You can propose your own titles for sections and sub-sections within part 3.


Here is an example structure for the report on the following Extended Project topic:

‘Is manufacturing essential to economic growth in the UK?

Abstract: A short summary of the main points of the report.

Introduction: A brief introduction to the problem of de-industrialisation.

Section 1 title: Reasons for Offshoring. A detailed look at migration of jobs to less-developed economies.

Section 2 title: The Problem. Explanation and analysis of drawbacks of offshore manufacturing.

Section 3 title: Research Analysis. Discussion and analysis of benefits of manufacturing at home.

Section 4 title: The Solution. Discussion of ‘re-shoring’ and ways of achieving it.

Conclusion: Restatement of main points focusing on how manufacturing helps achieve economic recovery and growth.

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