Summarise the shift in leadership theory over the last five decades.

Essay structure in general:

Briefly summarise the shifts in leadership theory over the last five decades.  Discuss the emergent view of leadership in educational contexts, in particular the de-emphasis of the formal roles and increased emphasis on the personal and professional qualities of leaders and followers. Provide examples of this shift and how it could lead to increased levels of teacher commitment and engagement.


Essay structure in details:

  • Introduction:


  • Overview information about leadership


  • Body paragraphs :




  • Summarise the shift in leadership theory over the last five decades.
  • Address at least three of the following:
  • Great man/ trait theory/ charismatic leadership
  • Behavioural leadership theories  (Theory X/Y)
  • Contingency Theory
  • Sergiovanni (combining management and leadership )
  • Situational Leadership


  • Emergent View of Leadership in educational contexts
  • From bureaucratic to instructional /pedagogic leadership
  • The special nature of schools as organizations – from Structures to open systems
  • Leader /Follower exchanged – Leadership by consensus
  • Examples of how the shift can increase teacher commitment and engagement


  • Conclusion:


  • Summary the key point in the assignment.


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