Study the Disciplinary procedure/practices of a government/private sector company in Oman and write a report critically analysing their present Disciplinary procedure/practices

Most managers have an alienating tendency towards employee discipline and often end up with different coping mechanisms. The variations in the discipline practices within the organisation could be due improper design of the disciplinary system. Lack of discipline can cause losses in employee productivity and bring in conflicts, which will have a serious repercussions on the organisation’s performance. The need of the hour is to design a formal and structured disciplinary system  that will facilitate the overall performance of the organisation.


Study the Disciplinary procedure/practices of a government/private sector company in Oman and write a report critically analysing  their present Disciplinary procedure/practices

Guidelines for the report:

  • The report must include a literature review on importance of Disciplinary procedure/practices in today’s environment why it makes business sense to have a Disciplinary procedure/practices in an organisation.
  • You must support your report by using the Disciplinary procedure/practices of one government/private sector organization in Oman as an example to demonstrate their present Disciplinary procedure/practices.
  • The report must include recommendations to the chosen organisation for enhancing the effectiveness of their Disciplinary procedure/practices.


 Your report could follow the following format (this is a suggested framework. If you have any other presentation framework and the flow is more agreeable to you, then you are more than welcomed to use it)


  1. INTRODUCTION – here the discussion will focus on some of these issues, e.g.: different definitions of Discipline, importance of Disciplinary procedure/practices in modern organisations, the challenges tha HR managers face in dealing with implementing Disciplinary procedure/practices in organisations. (These are some suggestions that you may want to consider. You can also add to the list, but bear in mind the overall word count limit. This would take up no more than 3 to 5 paragraphs)


  1. LITERATURE REVIEW – importance of discipline in the organisation and contemporary practices of discipline in this highly competitive world.


  1. Case– introduce an organization of your choice as mentioned in the question. You may want to discuss its current Disciplinary procedure/practices. You will need to critically analyse the present Disciplinary procedure/practices in the organisation.
  2. . suggestions/recommendations should be given for improvements .


  1. CONCLUSION – read through the above discussions and draw conclusion (s) to the viability and importance of discipline. You may also like to give a summary of your major points.


  1. Ensure referencing consistently applied throughout all sections of your assignment text. As a gauge, there should be adequate Harvard Style academic citations and references. then will be cited in full on your Reference List) Include in charts / models/ diagrams to aid presentation and discussion of ideas. Failure to do adequate referencing would be penalised appropriately.

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