strategy and strategic dilemmas

• To present strategy as a debate.
• To provide an international focus, introducing students to the issues of adapting ap- proaches to strategy in an international context.
• To engage students in the process of critical evaluation.
• To enable students to describe and apply appropriate techniques for designing managing strategy.

On successful completion of this assessment students should be able to:
1. Critically evaluate the key dilemmas in the formation of strategy.
2. Critically evaluate and define strategic options.
Take a company of your choice… Describe the key dilemmas that this company faces with particular respect to:
Foundations of Strategic Management
Internal Analysis – Resource Based View of Strategy
Environment and Competition: The market based view of strategy Internationality: Globalisation v Localisation
Strategy Formation: Planned v Emergent
Format of the Project:
· The report should display a coherent structure i.e. title page, contents page, intro- duction, executive summary, methodology, findings, analysis, conclusions, rec- ommendations, referencing and appendices.
· The project should be prepared as a neatly typed Word document (Times New Roman 12 points), with double spacing and page numbering, and it should be pre- sented in a folder.
· The written projects are expected to consist of approximately 2500 words per stu- dent (not counting tables or inserts, introduction and conclusions).
· Tables and data taken from other sources maybe included in an appendix.
· All sources must be referenced in the text and a full bibliography must be provided
(including visited websites) in the Harvard style.
· Students are reminded that depth, relevance and variety are the crucial elements of
quality research. (Wikipedia is not considered to be a relevant source of infor-
mation, any students referencing Wikipedia will be deducted marks!)
· Submission should be by the deadline indicated and should include a hard copy and an electronic copy. Late submissions will incur a 5% per day reduction in grade. Slides for your presentation should also be submitted on the day of the
presentation (hard copy and electronic document).
· All work must conform to University regulations on Cheating, Collusion and Plagia-
rism as described in your programme handbook. You need to use the Harvard ref- erencing style and avoid plagiarism.

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