Strategic Management for the Health and Social Care Sector – the economic, management and operational complexities of healthcare, healthcare providers and practitioners

The essay considers the economic, management and operational complexities of healthcare, healthcare providers and practitioners, and explore the strategic options available.
Learning Outcomes
Assessment Criteria

  1. Understand aspects of management in the health and social care organisation.

1.1 Explain the centrality of strategic management in contemporary health care environments
1.2 Examine various leadership roles of strategic management within health and social care contexts.
1.3 Explore the impact of pressure and issues of collaboration and competition on organisational strategy
1.2 Assess how policy formation is influenced by funding in a national context
1.3 Critically evaluate healthcare policy in one country with examples.

  1. Understand external and internal environments for health care organisations.

2.1 Analyse the significance of the external and internal environmental analysis
2.2 Analyse how competitively relevant strengths and weaknesses can be used to suggest appropriate strategic actions within a chosen healthcare context
2.3 Analyse policy solutions and discuss strengths and weakness of individual policies in relation to one aspect of health and social care.

  1. Understand strategic and business plans for health care organisations based on the environmental analysis.

3.1 Justify best strategic choice after strategic analysis to implement strategy
3.2. Develop a business plan based on a current market situation in relation to the best strategic choice that is suitable for a health care organisation
3.3. Evaluate the business plan.
Learning outcome 1
The nature of strategic management; analysing industry and competition; shift from operational to strategic management; theories of strategic leadership strategies for cost advantage and differentiation advantage; strategy in times of change; resources, capabilities and competitive advantage; alliances; diversification; internationalization; strategy implementation. Clinical Governance
Learning outcome 2
Organisational performance analysis: strategic analysis tools e.g. PESTLE, SWOT etc. Indicators for the need for strategic planning and analysis
Learning outcome 3
Business plan elements: Executive Summary-Operations-People-Market Analysis-MarketingFinancials-Risk-Appendix

  • You will be assessed via submission of assignment. Your assignment should cover  Assessment criteria under learning outcomes 1 to 3.
  • Word Count – 4500 words.


  • FitzRoy P; Hulbert J; Ghobadian A (2011). Strategic Management: The Challenge of Creating Value Routledge. London
  • Ginter P (2013). The Strategic Management of Health Care Organisations. Jossey Bass. San Francisco
  • Harrison JS; Thompson SM (2014). The Strategic Management of Health Care Organisations. A stakeholder Approach BEP Press. New York
  • Waldorff S et al (2015). Managing Change: From Health Policy to Practice (Organizational Behaviour in Health Care). Middlesex University Business School. London

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