Show your understanding of the institutionalisation of business ethics (start with Topic 4)

Your report will consist of three entries and one entry as a summary of learnings,a total of four reflections (500 words each). Each entry will relate to a different topic or task, namely:


§Topic 9 Managing and Controlling Ethics Programs

§Topic 10 Globalisation of Ethical Decision Making

§Topic 11 Ethical Leadership

§Professional Identityself-reflection

Write a draft after each class, so that your reflection will be effective and relevant, related to the Topic just completed.


Topic Reflections (for three topics)


Each Reflective Report Entry for the Topic must be clearly organised under three headings below and should include the following contents and address the following questions:


1, Learning

What have I learnt (i.e., what was new/different for me)? Reflective analysis on learning from online sessions and assigned reading(s) for each Topic.


How relevant is the topic of study? This should include a discussion of strengths and weaknesses of the key theories/ideas/concepts for the topic.

3.Reflection (in two equal parts)

·To what extent do the concepts/ideas and theories reflect what happens in your work place? (If you are not currently working, then reflect upon a previous place of employment or an organisation with which you are familiar, such as a sports or socialclub).

·How can I make use of this learning in a future situation? For this section,youmaychoosetofocusononeortwoaspectsofthetopic.


Cite at least one reading from the Subject materials and your own research for each of the three Topics, in the Learning and Critique sections for each Reflection.



Professional identity self-reflection


Assume that you are applying for anethics officer position for an professional accounting organisation.


Before the scheduled interview, you have been asked to submit a written statement. You must present a professional identity of yourself as an experienced practitioner, using relevant knowledge from Subject materials.


Note that this entry does not require you to follow the contents, headings and structure of the three Topic reflections.


The task is to :

§Present your knowledge of the organisation’s likely ethical issues that may occur in their industry sector (start with Topic 3)

§Show your understanding of the institutionalisation of business ethics (start with Topic 4)

§Link your experience with ethical practices you have performed in your current or previous workplace in considering the development of effective ethics programs (start with Topic 8).


Assessment addresses SLOs  


Assessment criteria: See Marking Template C
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