Show how you would use questioning and reflective skills to draw discussion from the target group (how you would get the best out of your ‘audience’ if you were presenting for real)

  • The Topic: Can either be a specific ethical topic e.g. informed consent, confidentiality, or codes of ethical practice OR it can be a health topic that has clearly identified ethical aspects or factors e.g. medical use of cannabis in chronic conditions, organ donation, abortion, end of life care in the home, euthanasia, surrogacy, and so on.
    It does not have to be only an Indigenous or non-Indigenous health issue.
  • Powerpoint: you need to work on the philosophy that ‘less is more’, so keep the slides simple and not fussy or too busy. The detail and the full story goes into the written document (and that’s what you attach the assignment cover sheet to).
  • Diverse cultural framework: This is more about getting people to think about cross-cultural work environments requiring a multi-disciplinary approach. So in regards to your topic you need to be thinking about any cultural factors or considerations if they exist and how that impacts on the ethical examples of work practice.
  • Time and number of slides: you should aim for a presentation that goes for no longer than 10 minutes maximum.Rule of thumb is to allow 1 minute per slide – roughly;
  • You will need to:
    • Show how your presentation is planned and timed and clearly indicate intended use of appropriate resources
    • Show how you would use questioning and reflective skills to draw discussion from the target group (how you would get the best out of your ‘audience’ if you were presenting for real)
    • The Power Point presentation and written component must be submitted electronically identified as to the student, unit and assignment. The written component must include:
      • Introduction (description, background, rationale, overview or whatever you want to call it)
      • Detail of topic (development of your argument/discussion)
      • Conclusion
      • Session outline and approx times (as if you were presenting)
      • The word count is approximate and is for the written component
      • Personal reflection (Could include: how the presentation went, the process of putting the presentation together and your thoughts on the issues).
  • Doing your presentation online:
    • Quickest and probably easiest way would be record a “Voice over powerpoint” which is in the tools within powerpoint itself.
    • Go to the Insert area in the tool ribbon, select audio and then record into the slide.
    • You can record across slides if you want to do it all as one big hit or record per slide of you’re worried that you may stuff one or two up and want to do them again. You can then “save as…” the file to be WMV or MP4 format video which can then be easily uploaded to Learnline.
    • These will usually result in a pretty small filesize so we shouldn’t have any issues with it


Please click on the link below for the marking criteria.

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