Should he be allowed to submit this evidence to the jury?

Blaine Gamble was charged with robbing the First National Bank of Herminie, Pennsylvania. Gamble, allegedly dressed as an elderly woman, entered the bank and robbed the tellers at gunpoint. At a pretrial motion before U.S. District Court Judge William Standish, Gamble requested that a black psychologist or psychiatrist with expertise on cultural insanity examine him. He contended that he was a victim of posttraumatic stress disorder caused by “unwarranted exposure, victimization and repetitive confrontation with white racism.” He stated he had had scraps with the police and that when he was a teenager, his mother had showed him a magazine cover depicting a murder victim. He claimed that he was innocent by reasons of cultural insanity caused by longtime exposure to racism.23 Should he be allowed to submit this evidence to the jury?

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 Think about your current home environment. If you used a manual wheelchair, would you still be able to live in your current home?

1.       Think about your own personal environmental hierarchical continuum. What are some of your proximal and distal environments? If you were suddenly unable to access these environments independently, how would….

Does the patient require treatment prior to surgery and, if so, what treatment?

The patient's platelet count is normal, ruling out thrombocytopenia, and a single dose of ibuprofen would not be expected to result in a severe tissue hemorrhage, even with trauma. The….

What does immunopheno typing reveal

The PTT mixing study is consistent with an inhibitor, and the pattern of immediate correction followed by prolongation after incubation for 60 minutes is characteristic of a factor VIII inhibitor…..