Sears Holdings Corporation

Business Strategy and Policy

Assignment Instructions

This case analysis will require you to analyze the company, its competitors, its industry, and general environmental elements (such as the economy, government regulation, sociocultural trends, etc.). You will then identify the key problems facing the company. Next you will create three separate recommendations for the company that would help it deal with those problems. Lastly, you will take the best recommendation of the three and then create an implementation plan for the company (you will discuss how you would go about implementing your recommendation).

You and your teammates will choose a company for the case analysis. I would recommend that you keep the following issues in mind when choosing a company:

  • Choose a company which has some problems but make sure that the company is not in bankruptcy or on the verge of bankruptcy. Don’t choose a company that is doing very well because it will be difficult to identify key problems specific to the company.
  • Don’t choose a company that is widely diversified. A company like General Electric is involved in many different businesses and is therefore widely diversified. This type of company would be very difficult to analyze for this class because you will have to analyze the company’s industry (the more diversified it is the more industries you would need to analyze).
  • Choose a company that is publicly traded. You will want to get financial data on the company and its competitors so that you can analyze key financial ratios. If the company is private, it may not report any financial data.


The paper should be created in a Word document with 1.0-inch margins using double-spaced, 12-point type. Use your word processor’s spell checking and grammar options. Paginate with the first page being the start of the executive summary. An executive summary is 2-3 pages saying everything in the report in a highly condensed fashion. Charts, tables, graphs, and figures should be placed throughout the document to illustrate material in the text portion of your paper. Add appendices that are appropriate at the end of the paper. A reference section (Endnotes or Footnotes) is required enabling the reader to review the sources of any information provided in the paper. Cite your sources and quote where necessary. Plagiarism is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Better efforts in past classes have used many references from several diverse sources. Maintain balance in your references. There are many sources of information. I do not want you to go to the company’s website and regurgitate the information. You need to make an original contribution to the case. Also, please do not use your textbook as a reference source. Search out what others have written about your company. Length will be dependent on the complexity of your case and the depth of your analysis. Your case should be no more than 33 pages long.

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