review the behaviours, actions and communications of JPMorgan Chase

Your task is to review the behaviours, actions and communications of JPMorgan Chase


In your own words:

1; Examine and critique one or two aspects of the company’s performance with regards to fulfilling society’s expectations on how the company should operate its business. You can look at a company’s performance in regards to the environment, equality, employment, community development, health and human rights, just to name a few options. Highlight both areas of achievement and those requiring improvement. Do not focus only on the positive or negative.


2;Examine and discuss the impact and implications of the company’s actions on society and stakeholders


3; Provide your on-balance conclusions about the company’s performance in society


4; This is an assignment that asks you to reflect broadly on the role of business, how it communicates and acts on a social issue facing it in any society. Take time to reflect on the many arguments and pieces of information presented in the literature. You will need to read widely and broadly.

 5 ; A minimum number of references has not been set for this assignment. Rather, you are encouraged to read widely and broadly and use references to support your arguments as much as possible. You may refer to sources such as Wikipedia and Google as a starting point to understand some of the social intangibles or big issues for the company. Do not however include Wikipedia, Google Books or similar sources in your reference list or in-text citations. You will need to refer to non-scholarly sources such as newspapers and company records to gauge an understanding of the contemporary issues. These are acceptable for inclusion in your reference list. Ensure you discuss the source within the context of their bias. Journal articles should also be used to further substantiate your arguments and link to the theories discussed in the unit. 

 6; To do well in this assignment, you will need to address all of the following:

  1. Choose a company
  2. Identify one or two social intangible(s)/aspect(s)
  3. Identify examples of both negative and positive of performance
  4. Examine the impact of the company upon society and particular stakeholders.
  5. Present an on-balance conclusion

 7; Do not describe the situation but critically analyse your findings (e.g. what do these findings mean, and which groups do they impact). You will therefore keep the detail of the company to a minimum and demonstrate how your issue is of significant to the company and groups of stakeholders. You will need to provide evidence to support your opinion on how your chosen company has communicated and performed on the issue. The recorded workshops cover this in detail.

8; Utilise Spellcheck, and try reading your paper aloud before submission. This will help you catch errors.


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