Research Proposal: Extension and evolution of luxury FASHION brands

The Detailed Research proposal must include the following sections: an academic and industrial background to the topic of your research, the project aim and objectives, the research approach, the programme of work in a diagrammatic format and a list of at least 15 academic references (of which at least three for the methodological approach you intend to use). The Detailed Research Proposal must be no longer than 2500 words excluding the project plan and the references. You should be proactive in the development of your Research Proposal and the role of the supervisor is to help you shape YOUR ideas.

a. The research background and literature review: You will illustrate the problem which your research will be addressing, explain its academic and industrial context, demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of past and current work in the subject area by synthesising academic journal papers of relevance to your work.
b. The project aim and objectives: define the overall aim of the project and the specific measurable objectives that you plan to achieve. You should phrase your objectives in a way that once achieved they will demonstrate the successful achievement of the overall project’s aim.
c. The research methodological approach: this should include some information on the general methodological approach you intend to adopt for your study, the accessibility of the data you intend to collect and the techniques you intend to use for data collection an data analysis.
d. Programme of work: describe the tasks you need to conduct in order to complete the project, identify the major milestones by which you and your supervisor will monitor the progress of your project (e.g. completion of literature review, completion of data collection). The programme of work should be illustrated by a simple diagrammatic work plan showing the major tasks and milestones against a timeline. The work plan is not included in the words limit of the detailed research proposal and represents a one-page ‘appendix’ to this report.
e. At least 15 academic references relevant to your research p……..

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