LSC 2533 Research Methods – Research Concepts 3

Background Research Report (10%)

Due Date:  March 27th


Complete a written report of 500 to 1000 words on the topic you have chosen to do your research assignment on. Work that is not your own writing will receive.


Including the following:  my topic about Recycling

  • Introduction ( Recycling )
    • This includes a summary of what you discuss in the paper
    • State why you think this topic is important
  • General background
    • Provide general background information on the topic
    • Provide information on the topic specific to this region (the Middle East, the GCC, the UAE)
      • Include some statistics
      • Discuss issues and problems related to the topic
    • Comments
      • Discuss what information you would like to know in terms of the UAE
      • Describe how your own research at the college may help to answer these questions. ( I send the question in the attachment )
    • References
      • Include at least 3 APA referenced sources.
      • Statistical information must be cited.

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