provide depreciation for December

1. The one-year P6,000 insurance paid was effective December 1. 2. Office rental of P4,000 for the month of December was still unpaid. 3. Interest of 18% per annum on the P60,000 bank loan granted on December 11, has accrued. 4. Advertising placement of P3,600 for three months was effective on December 1 5. Fees of P5,000 collected in advance on December 30 will be for services to be rendered next year. 6. Office supplies unused at the end of the month amounted to P1,600. 7. Furniture and Equipment are estimated to have a useful life of ten years. It was decided to provide depreciation for December

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Write a program that reads the name of an element from the user and uses a recursive function to find the longest sequence of elements that begins with that value

Some people like to play a game that constructs a sequence of chemical elements where each element in the sequence begins with the last letter of its predecessor. For example,….

What is the correct charge to the income statement for bad debts and bad debt provisions for the years to 31 December 20X1?

Trade receivables as at 31 December 20X1 were $25,000. The bad debt provision as at 1 January 20X1 was $812. During the year to 31 December 20X1 bad debts of….

Which of the following is an adjusting event?

IAS 10 – Events after the balance sheet date, distinguishes between adjusting and non-adjusting events. Which of the following is an adjusting event? (A) One month after the year end,….