Pricing of Real Estate in Atlanta, Georgia

The term paper is to focus on the pricing strategies used in the geographical areas of Clayton County, Georgia and Gwinnett County, Georgia. Why do these two geographical areas differ in residential sailing prices in the real estate market. What are the key factors why homes in Gwinnett County have a higher value/price listing and homes in Clayton County, with the same square footage, have lower market cost?

The purpose of this assignment is to provide each student the opportunity to do individual analysis and “field work” on a topic of their choice. For the chosen topic the student will be required to analyze pricing strategies or tactics observed. To choose a topic the student should look carefully at the pricing of products and services purchased (including groceries, haircuts, ski lift tickets, cereals, fast foods) and ask such questions as why various product bundles are profitable, how parking lots just short distances apart can charge radically different prices, why some products are sold at different prices in outlets of the same chain of drug stores, and (most popularly) how manufacturers are able to practice segmented pricing for essentially the same product. The grade will be based on the chosen topic, field study and the bibliography/research. Students can use the format style in the APA’s Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Fifth Edition, or in Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Term Papers, Thesis, and Dissertations, Sixth Edition. The term paper should be approximately 1,000 words in length. The term paper should include a title page and bibliography.

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