President of Executive Jets

Report for President of Executive Jets


  • The study will compare the Cessna CJ2 with the Pilatus PC-12NG.
  • The study makes recommendations concerning the cost effectiveness and market value of placing these airplanes into the fleet.
  • What need to be looked at to find the best jet for the company is the safety, number of passengers it carries, cost and effectiveness.

The Airplanes

  • A Cessna CJ2 is a longer version of the CJ1 and has a more powerful engine.
  • The Pilatus PC-12NGs has versatility and high performance and is popular for executives.


  • The PC12 NG is a lower cost aircraft with a 1,000 mile range.
  • The CJ2 is a higher cost than the CJ1, but is justified by its longer range and faster speed.


  • The CJ2 was built with a safety rating for non-professional pilots.
  • The versatility of the PC12 provides for a number of different factors that affect safety.
    • The PC12 can be reconfigured for either passenger or cargo use


  • The final choice for increasing the fleet will depend on which aspects of service are emphasized.
  • While the CJ2 costs more, the range and speed may mean that this model has more advantages in the long run.
  • The final decision should be made by determining the problem of upfront cost to the issue of long-term costs.
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