Prayer for the City by Buzz Bissinger

Each student will prepare a 4-6 page reflection paper based on the “Prayer for the City” book by Buzz Bissinger. Your paper should answer the following questions:

• Did you enjoy the book? Why? Why not?
• What are some of the book’s main themes and how do they relate to or illustrate concepts we reviewed in class?
• What did you learn about managing a large city?
• What was most surprising to you about the story?
• Do you think Rendell was a good Mayor?
• How do you think Rendell will fare in his second term without Cohen?
• Would you recommend this book to other readers? Why or why not?
In addition to these questions, you may offer any other observations you would like about the events in Philadelphia, the main characters or how it relates to urban management concepts we have covered in class.
Please do not write a “question and answer” paper. Your paper should incorporate answers to the above questions, but should be a free flowing essay. Remember to include a reference page.

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