Power in saudi arabia

power in saudi arabia

in this paper, focus on one country and its saudi arabia,,
So out text and discussions have greatly focused on the idea of national power, both directly and abstractly. Remember to focus on the Boyer text’s definition of both hard and soft power. Hard power being quantifiable aspects of a nations capabilities. Some possible areas to look at are the countries military capabilities, defensive capabilities, economic strengths. Anything that can in a tangible way contribute to the power of the country.

If we asked this question about the United States, we would undoubtedly look at the sum of the country’s military capabilities. The nuclear arsenal, the technological strengths of the military, the types of military assets they possess. But also, you can look at this in a soft power way. The way the country engages in communal defense. The military relationships that they have with other countries. Again, for the US, the power gained by being a part of an alliance like NATO. So for the country you are studying, be sure and look at the military from both a hard and soft power perspective. Same goes for economic power. Remember the discussions we had on economic interdependence. Look at evidence for economic power, the country’s GDP, PPP, national debt etc, but also look at relationships with other countries that may contribute to their economic power or responsibility.

Finally, think about other tangible or intangible aspects of power for the country. If we look at this question for the US, we could identify a few things right off the top. Something like the education system, literacy rates, national infrastructure (access to the internet, roads/bridges/airports). Even something like national healthcare systems could be considered to contribute to national power…………….

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