Options for Patrol Aircraft

El Paso Patrol Sector: Options for Patrol Aircraft


The purpose of this assessment is to determine whether the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol should purchase Cessna 182 Skylanes or the Insitu Corporation Integrators for the El Paso patrol Sector.  Throughout this evaluation it is imperative to determine which aircraft meets the mission requirements, as the air patrol is an essential portion to provides [Never pass up a chance to throw out superfluous verbiage.] back up surveillance in the area.   Both aircraft are capable of patrolling the sector, but they will be examined in various categories in order to determine which is the most effective and efficient.  The key criteria for discussion include operating concept, cost, and public acceptance.   [Clear and efficient introduction.]

Mission Requirements

TS- Each aircraft is required to complete long daily patrols along the highway with a quick response capability in order to assist the first-line patrol.   To be effective, all aspects of this operation will utilize existing airfields within the second-line patrol sector. These daily patrols consist of observation along the highway between the New Mexico-Arizona border and Las Cruces, New Mexico.  Sensor equipment is obligatory on the aircraft in order to reacquire and track illegal border crossers in the patrol area.  The aircraft are needed to complete twelve passes down the patrol region each day with two hours between each pass.  For efficiency, the aircraft should have a long endurance in order to have the ability to complete multiple patrols in one flight.  While having long-range specifications, a fast cruise speed is desired for quick responses to support the first line patrol within 30 minutes.  These aircraft will be airborne 24/7 each day of the year, which entails having sufficient personnel to constantly run the operation.

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