Online Shopping: Examining the role of web atmospheric in consumer purchase intention

Report on the market research project: 4,000 words
This is an Individual assignment requiring students to produce a written report on a market research project they have completed. This assessment is concerned with the exploration, development and implementation of sound market research methods; and does so within the context of a real marketing problem. Students are required to carry out a market research to generate market information and analyses, which reflect reality, and this is achieved by the employment of sound market methods research. You must include a Reference list that displays full and accurate Harvard.

Things to consider….
• Audience
• Purpose
• Need for different formats
• Different levels/depths of information
• Be able to defend reliability/validity

Proposed Structure for Assignment
• Executive Summary – can use bullet points around 500 words for this part
• Introduction – Background, What are you doing in this research?
• Context – industry info, problem definition, etc.
• Aims/Objectives/Research Questions – Sampling size 200 questionnaires, How collect the data? Online Survey (Google questionnaires)
• Method (Qualitative, Online survey questionnaires)
• Ethical Considerations – Not so long, sample bullet point
• Secondary research – Secondary data it helps primary search how? And which part should have evaluate, the problem about? Use Mintel oxygen website or competitors data or information
• Primary Research – Information from respondents
• Respondents (sample) (Data you collected)
• Analysis and Findings (How you analysis the data, what’s statistics you use and why?)
• Discussion of findings (75% of…. What the reason for 1.8% of.., and key recommendations in bullet points)
• Recommendations
• Conclusions

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